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With Telesocial, you can create virtual talk "hangouts" -- think of them as always-on conferences where the participants "CLICK IN" to join on an opt-in basis.

Want to join a TalkSpace with your friends to talk about Justin Bieber, the Dallas Mavericks or Mega Raid Bang - click in! We're on the same game board?  Whats up?  You're attacking my base?  That's nice...where's Sue? Use TalkSpaces in all kinds of social context, create new social application mechanics, dare to dream.

Telesocial Methods

Create TalkSpace            Initializes a TalkSpace, first participant may be designated leader, custom greeting 
Add to TalkSpace            Adds participant to a TalkSpace with various parameters
Close TalkSpace             Closes the TalkSpace permanently, a destroy method
Get TalkSpaces              Get a list of your apps TalkSpaces
TalkSpace Details           Get the details about a given TalkSpace 
Move                            Move participant between TalkSpaces 
Mute  / Unmute              Mute or Unmute particular legs of a TalkSpace

Please try CallFriends and try some of the features - add it with a friend and try out some TalkSpaces

When designing, it doesn't have to be just your friends -- you're the developer -- its 100% anonymous -- use it in context of your can even move users between TalkSpaces - what we call teleporting, so you can switch users on-the-fly between discussions.

The best practice is to let users create TalkSpaces, and then publish invites other users.  Make it opt-in and fun!  You can create URI's and embed invitations in email, SMS, as Bit.Ly links, etc. -- let others know people are talking or want to talk and let them Click In!  BTW -- the demo app 

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