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A list of Telesocial libraries and plugins.  Below are the 8 SDK's and the MineCraft Plugin for Bukkit.  Feel free to send us an email if you think we're missing one or if you have made one! Please also note that these are all independent developers and we do not guarantee the results of any SDK's listed here, however, we are working with all of the developers to improve their SDK's and would love to facilitate updates, upgrades and fixes / features.  Let us know in the Community area!

1.  JAVA

    Along with the JAVA SDK, you will find a demo application where you can not only see how the API SDK is implemented, but also a very nice application that you can use to test.
2.  .NET

3.  Objective-C

    We've played with the iPhone API simulator a bit...nice stuff!

4.  PHP

    Easy place to start...

5.  Ruby

    The Ruby library is tested and is currently also a RubyGem version 0.0.6:

6.  Python

    Fully updated 12/2011 check it out!

7.  AS3 / SWC

    Here's the SDK for Action Scrip 3, with examples:

    Also check out the AS3 / Flash demo app:

8.  Scala

    We use Scala a lot internally, so why not have a nice little Scala client?

9.  MineCraft / Bukkit

    Simply download the archive and install on your Bukkit MineCraft server.  You'll have to set your API Key and server endpoint.

Connect to our public Bukkit server and check it out: :D

1. log into our server
2. do /phone register <phonenumber> where the number is in country code + number format i.e. 1xxxxxxxxxx
3. get your friends to register or use one of the commands below

    Step 1:  Install Plugin
    Step 2:  Get a special MineCraft API key from us at
    Step 3:  Configure your Plugin with the appkey and baseurl commands
    Once set, you can issue commands to MineCraft to register, start, and join TalkSpaces in MineCraft!

    /phone set appkey
    /phone set baseurl
    /phone register <phonenumber>     country code + number (14155551212 in US)
    /phone start <TalkSpace Name>
    /phone join <TalkSpace Name>
    /phone call <player1> <player2>...     calls players directly into a group call
    /phone list                                          list of all players on server who you can call
    /phone block <player>                        blocks a specific player from calling you
    /phone unblock <player>                    unblocks a player so they can call you again

 let us know if you run into issues anytime!  We're here to help.