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It's not just about talking, it's media.  Upload MP3's or record on the handset.  You can use the mobile phone to record media -- sort of like application voicemail - anytime and anywhere.  You can also upload MP3's directly to the system and then recall them with the API to either play on someone's phone (what we call a Blast) or in-application as an MP3 with a URI.

There's tons of great things you can do with media and recording via the phone - the best part is it's not VOIP, no client, no headset even -- your phone rings and you record a message like any old voice mail.  Simple.

Here's all the Media methods for Telesocial API:

Create Media                References a new mediaID
Blast                           Initiate media playback via voice
Media Status                Return URL for streaming, status
Request Upload Grant    Request a upload grant code for a particular mediaID - enables MP3 upload via forklift
Get Media IDs              Enumerate your application's mediaIDs
Remove Media             Destroy method for mediaIDs

Here's a few links to some example media files - use them if you wish, upload MP3 files, get voice talent of your own or just do a record to handset to generate media:  prompt for joining   prompt for recording / voice message

Leave messages for people, friends, other players, the team -- voice comments, taunts, invitations, dedications -- voice is extremely social, and you don't have to worry if the user has a microphone - high speed connection - or a plugin or download.  

There's no limit to what you can do here -- talk about and leave messages to people in a location, or when someone unlocks something, comes near somewhere, checks in or whatever -- leaving audio messages and retrieving voice messages with 100% market penetration and 0 technology barriers.

Here's an example -- our CallFriends app at

You and your friends can voice message each other -- or entire groups.   Create virtual in-game voice mail boxes.  Send messages around as secrets to the game.  Create audio "drops" in your game and use the MP3's to stream in game.  Fun!

MP3 Record Blast and Play