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Fun Stuff

We made something fun here:    

Also if you want HTML5 / Sencha mobile goodness go here:

We have tons if ideas for you, too, which is what is Fun;  you make the Stuff.

1.  Make in-application voice mail boxes so users can start leaving each other voice messages.

2.  Let your users send links and invitations to talk together and in groups.

3.  Give users the option to hear secret or promotional audio mp3s and bonus audio material anywhere, from a link or app push request.

4.  Make a political discussion app or other topic-based and special interest group talk app.

5.  Make your app more real-time and let players call each other in-game or on the same game board.

6.  Add audio to feedback postings.

7.  Use audio drops in game or as rewards and benefits.

8.  Increase metrics with audio invites from other players.