Getting Started

1. Register as a Developer 

What you need to do is go to the dev environment and register there for an account and key, so follow this link and go through the whole registration process

For a primer on the registration process and using the site check out this page: 

Platform Guide

Portal:                     Register and get Keys
API:         https//                       Service Endpoint
Media:                URI base for media 
Upload:         Easy uploads in sandbox
Utility:         API Demo web application & testing

All endpoints support SSL -- it's required!  

2. Generate Telesocial Keys

Once registered, you will have to add an application and generate Telesocial Application Keys.

Click the "New Application" button from the Apps area, give the app a name, upload an icon, etc.

Then generate keys for the corresponding network.

First it is important to understand how Telesocial Application Keys work with your app and the social network or networks on which your applications live.

A Telesocial Key represents (among other things) the users' network IDs that your app can access and the particular network that uses the key.

The key is not a runtime requirement.  For example, you can build a Twitter app for the iPhone, but that would use a key that has been generated for the Twitter network, not the iOS network.

When you generate a Facebook key, that key will let you access and relate Facebook network user ID's to your application.  You can use this key on an iPhone or and Android phone -- as long as your app uses the Facebook API and can resolve and use Facebook ID's, you're good.

If you have a stand-alone application on iOS iTunes or Android / Google+, LinkedIn,, Box, Yammer, plain old eMail or whatever, use the appropriate networks -- iTunes and Google as the system of record for these networks.  If your target audience is just native mobile app users, you should use these networks as appropriate.

Once you have your keys, you can use this simple application to test using the nice little dashboard / api test app here:

3. Integrate

Now the fun part!  Once you have a Telesocial Application Key, you can start registering users and making calls, generating and uploading media and more.

Media uploading is as simple as creating media ID's and then either recording content (via the phone) or uploading MP3's to our system.

Once uploaded, MP3's can be used as custom greetings in the calling functions.

4.  Launch!