The first step to using Telesocial is registering your users.  It is possible that some of your users are already in the system, that is, already registered with Telesocial.

To find out, simply run a registration status query for an individual user.  This is typically done when you initialize your application, or it could be done as a part of a specific behavior or function in the application.

Depending on the status of a user and their device, you may have to either do a "Hard Registration" -- where we ring the user's phone and instruct them to perform an action (such as Press 1) or a "Soft Registration" in which a user and device is already in the system but not related to a particular application and must perform an "opt-in".   In the "Hard Challenge" we are effectively authenticating the user's device, and in the "Soft Registration" we're simply allowing your app to use the device for an existing registrant as an opt-in action.  


This is for US Mobiles only.  We do realtime lookups on the phone number and verify that it's a US wireless number.  If you get a failure on registration, it's simply because your user entered a non-US or non-mobile phone number.  Really!  We reject land lines, VOIP, Skype numbers, Google Voice.  We support only US Mobile carriers.

Perform a registration status query for the user and note the return codes:

            404 - Not Found                User's network ID has no associated devices or registrations in the system
            401 - Unauthorized           User's network ID is associated with a device, but is not authorized to work with the application.
                                                 With this result, the developer should simply register the opt-in as a "soft" registration

            200 - OK exists | related    User's network ID exists and is associated with a device and/or is related to the application.

Take the next step according to the result.  In the case of a 404 Not Found, you must perform a complete device registration and challenge to get the user's device mapped to their social network.  This is what we call a "Hard Challenge" which means that we are going to ring the user's phone and have them perform an action to insure that the user wants to join the service and that they are the device owner. If a 404 was returned, Not Found, you need to do a full registration function by prompting the user for a phone number, and then sending the registration request to the Telesocial

The user's phone will ring and they will have to Press "1" 

If a 401 was returned, Unauthorized, you will need to do a registration without the phone number parameter as an opt-in for your application.  There is no user input required -- you, as the developer, must do a registration with a blank phone number parameter.  This is effectively the opt-in and should correspond to user's enablement of communications functions in your application.