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Media Status

This method retrieves status information about the Media ID and the operation in progress, if any, but most importantly the URL and media details.

Method: POST

URI: /api/rest/media/status/{mediaid}

Path parameter: 
  • mediaid  The id of the media to retrieve status for.
Form parameters:
  • appkey  The application key associated with the mediaid.
  • OK(200)  Media content (ex. mp3 file) exists for this Media ID.
  • NO_CONTENT(204)  No media content exists for this Media ID.
  • NOT_FOUND(404)  The application key is invalid.
  • UNAUTHORIZED(401)  The media is not related to the specified application.
Response format: JSON

Example using curl

curl -d"appkey=1f1bbca5-b71f-4938-97b6-59fed80623bc"

Response body: 


PHP Example

     * Play media.
     * @param string $mediaID
     * @return bool
    public function getMediaURL($mediaID)
        $query = new telesocialQuery('media/status', $mediaID);

        if ($query->make() && $query->response['status'] == 200)
            return $query->response['downloadUrl'];

        return false;