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This method un-mutes the specified user. 

Method: POST 
URI: /api/rest/conference/{conferenceid}/{networkid}

Path parameters: 
  • conferenceid  The conference ID on which to perform un-muting 
  • networkid  The network ID to be un-muted 
Form parameters: 
  • appkey  The application key 
  • action  The action to be performed - ("unmute")
  • OK(200) - The call legs have been (un)muted. 
  • BAD_REQUEST(400) - Missing or invalid parameter(s). 
  • UNAUTHORIZED(401) - One or more of the specified network IDs is not associated with the application identified by the application key. 
  • BAD_GATEWAY(502) - Unable to mute call(s). 
Response format: JSON 

Example using curl 
curl -d "appkey=1f1bbca5-b71f-4938-97b6-59fed80623bc&action=unmute"
Response body: 

Easy Mute & Unmute in JAVA

  public void mute(HasNetworkId networkInfo) {
        doMute(true, networkInfo);
    public void unmute(HasNetworkId networkId) {
        doMute(false, networkId);

    public void doMute(boolean mute, HasNetworkId networkInfo) {
        UrlBuilder urlBuilder = urlBuilderFactory.get()
                    urlBuilder.addPostParameter("action", "mute");
                    urlBuilder.addPostParameter("action", "unmute");
        URL url = urlBuilder.create();
        ConnectionUtil.doPost(url, conference.getConferenceId(),