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Add To TalkSpace

This method adds an additional network ID to the TalkSpace.

Method: POST
URI: /api/rest/conference/{conferenceid} 

Path parameter:
  • conferenceid  The ID of the conference to add the new networkid to.
Form parameters:
  • networkid The networkid to add to the conference. 
  • appkey The application key associated with both the network IDs and the application. 
  • action The action to perform ("add").
  • greetingid Optional.  The media ID of a pre-recorded greeting, to be played to conference participants when they answer their phones.  If this parameter is not supplied, the default greeting will be used
  • muted  Optional.  If provided and set to "true", the participant will be muted when they join the TalkSpace.
  • ACCEPTED(202)  The networkid(s) have been added to the conference.
  • BAD_REQUEST(400)  Missing or invalid parameter(s).
  • BAD_GATEWAY(502)  Unable to initiate phone call(s) at this time.
  • UNAUTHORIZED((401)  The requested network ID is not associated with the supplied appkey.
Response format: JSON


curl -d "appkey=1f1bbca5-b71f-4938-97b6-524ed80623bc&networkid=eta&greetingid=921e12353c4edca043eca2df697bf8&action=add"

Response body:


Ruby Example

 def add_to_conference(conference_id, network_id, greeting_id = nil)
      response = post("/api/rest/conference/#{conference_id}", :body => {:networkid => network_id, :appkey => @api_key, :action => 'add', :greetingid => greeting_id})

      case response.status
      when 200
      when 400
        raise"Missing or invalid parameter(s).", response)
      when 502
        raise"Unable to initiate phone(s) call at this time.", response)



Objective-C Example

 This method adds one or more additional network IDs (call legs) to the conference.

 @param networks                One or more network IDs to add to the conference.
 @param conferenceId    The conference ID to add network to.
 @param greetingId              The media ID of a pre-recorded greeting to be played to conference participants
                                                when they answer their phones. If this parameter is <i>nil</i>, the default
                                                greeting is used.

 @see TSRestClientDelegate::restClient:didAddNetworksToConference:withStatus:
- (void) addNetworks:(NSArray*) networks toConference:(NSString*) conferenceId greetingId:(NSString*) greetingId;